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Chainlink breaks historical price record and surpasses Litecoin

Does it go higher?

The Cryptomoeda Chainlink (LINK) broke a new price record and started trading above 25 dollars (R$ 130), which made the digital currency surpass Litecoin in terms of market capitalization and became the seventh largest digital asset in the world.

Digital currency has had one of the best performances of 2021, surpassing many of its competitors. With the new price, cryptomoeda has gone into price discovery. One of the reasons for the recent rise is that Grayscale, the world’s largest asset management company, plans to add LINK to its portfolio.

Cryptomoeda most valued in 2021
100% valuation in 2021

In the last 7 days the cryptomoeda has appreciated by about 17%, investors will now have to wait and see if the popular altcoin has peaked or if the momentum can lead LINK to even higher prices.

Last week the price of LINK rose by about 20%. The currency now needs the price of the Bitcoin to remain stable for its next big increase to occur in the coming days.

If the Bitcoin goes up, of course, Chainlink can benefit as well, as do most cryptominoes of course.

With a market capitalization now around $10 billion, LINK’s accumulated earnings for the year are over 100%.

Record Price ChainLink
ChainLink record price
Institutional interest
The Chainlink network seems to be attracting institutional interest. The price rise is not just a wave, but supported by solid fundamentals and on-chain metrics.

Big technology giants like Google have already started using the Chainlink oracles to move data to different blockchain networks.

In addition, as the DeFi market continues to expand, Chainlink is seeing great demand among the different decentralized applications.

Applications and the use of connections between blockchains are expected to grow greatly in the future. It is possible that cryptomoeda will gain more strength, as we explain the platform since it was launched in 2019 in this article.